[COVERAGE] Going Green with LOVELIFEST 2017

LOVELIFEST 2017 started off with a bang, welcoming many to the festival itself hosted by Yuna Room Records. LOVELIFEST incorporates art and celebrating life, also supporting local acts for everyone to enjoy. Featuring various Malaysian artists such as Bil Musa, Enterprise, Hani & Zue, SalamMusik, Pastel Lite. Celebrating the local art scene, the local vendors at the festival were by independent entrepreneurs truly encapsulating the essence of LOVELIFEST. Additionally, ticket holders were able to fill in their hunger with food trucks by SUKA SUCRE, BONAFIDE, HONCHO PIZZA PARLOUR, CURBSIDE CANTINA and SOFTSRVE. The picnic tables truly fulfills the outdoor festival experience. 

Aside from the music performances, the festival offers activities such as getting on a bicycle and cycling around the Setia City Park. There were an area where festival goers could lay out a mat and rest under a bohemian decorated tent with dream-catchers, while watching the concert across the park.

Sponsored by JOOX Music, the second half of the music acts are MASDO who embodied retro style from fashion to music, OH CHENTAKU, a definition of a rock band and one of Malaysia's top group, HUJAN who blew the crowd away with their powerful performance. The final act was YUNA herself who light up the stage with her vocals, and her presence on stage made the crowd go wild with excitement. She sang songs from her early days and ending the night with the chart topping track - Crush.