[Exclusive] Interview with Before You Exit - Asia Tour in Malaysia

Before You Exit has made their way to Malaysia for their anticipated Asia Tour. Back in 2013, the band was in Malaysia briefly for a promo tour. The fans in Asia are able to experience their concert this year - 2017 as they are performing in multiple countries such as Taiwan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Hong Kong. The band itself consist a talented bunch of brothers with much to offer. Check them out on iTunes, Spotify and on their official YouTube channel

The boys explained how the band name came about - "We wanted to have more than two average words put together, we came up with “Before You Exit” make a difference, kind of like our saying. Then later on, we found out the initials spelled out “BYE”. Riley shared that they wanted to make an impact on the world while they’re still here". 

Is this your first time doing a tour in Asia?
Connor : We’ve done individual shows, but this is our first time doing a real tour in Asia. 

Was the preparation for the Asia tour any different from the ones you do back home?
Toby : Waking up every day at 3AM to a new city.
Connor : You got to prepare mentally for that.

Are the fans in Asia different?
The boys agreed the fans are similar from all parts of the world.
Riley : Just like in the States, there are different variations of crowds and energy. It’s interesting in every new place as it is with over there and here with the people.

What song do you recommend for new listeners?
Connor : Something off our latest EP, “All the Lights”. There’s a variation of songs. We wrote a ton different songs and it came down to our favourite six. For that reason, we made sure each one had their own different message.
Riley : A lot of people most probably would picked “When I’m Gone”, it has the most blend of all sorts of things that we do.

Recently, a member from a K-pop group, GOT7 shared that listens to your song. Would you consider collaborating with artists from different countries?
Riley : Yeah we’re open to anybody that wants to knock on our door. 

What were some of the strangest/funniest incidents that happened on tour?
Riley : We’ve fallen off stage.
Connor : Yeah that seems to be a common thing, like a lot of slipping and falling.

One of Connor’s favorite moments on tour is when the boys were running out on stage during an intro -“We were running behind Riley and we watched him tripped on a cable and fall face down but he gets right back up and keeps running. I was hysterically laughing for the next 10 minutes. That’s not to say I had plenty of moments myself”.

Riley : One time, well it was Toby and my fault but Connor ended up in a full split on stage. I was drinking water on stage and I didn’t have the cap on because it was easier to drink. Toby came by and kicked the water bottle-

Toby : No, the water bottle had a cap on, we were jumping up and down. I jumped right on the water bottle and it exploded on stage. Connor came along and did a full spin on the water.

Connor : Like a cute little ballerina.

When asked about how their music style has changed throughout the years, Connor stated that just like every other band who has evolved with their sound, Before You Exit is no different. Their music style has changed accordingly as each different album progresses. The process throughout the years has been a maturing process for the boys as every album is released.  

For those curious, Riley shared the band has been writing a ton of music this year and hopefully to release a new album soon. Connor added they are working hard in order to get the album finished. Toby shared it’s difficult to choose a favorite song from each one he wrote.

The boys revealed they don’t follow a specific concept during the songwriting process. However, they did mention, it’s a similar pattern frequently.

Before You Exit is an American pop rock band but we asked if they would consider trying out a new genre. The boys stated “Another genre? Who knows, every day is a different day and listening to different genres of music. We’ve always been song writers, it can be difficult to say what your sound is because we’re just writing all the time. Are we more acoustic? Rock or pop? It does come down to what our favorite songs are and then that could gear the whole sound to the rest of the music.”

Would you rather live one 1,000-year life or ten 100-year lives?
Toby : One life that last a thousand years.
Riley : I would say 10 lives because you could be a different person every time and experience different times.
Connor : Yeah, 10 lives.

Would you rather have super strength or be invisible?
Toby, Connor & Riley : Invisible! 

Would rather own a dragon or be a dragon?
 Toby : I would be a dragon
Connor & Riley : Own a dragon

Do you have any message for your Malaysian fans?
Huge thanks to all the support we’ve been given and received. We’ve been here once before for a promo trip, we’ve got to meet a lot of them. That was awesome. It was a couple years ago, so we’re actually really excited for tomorrow night.