[COVERAGE] YG Republique's Grand Opening in Kuala Lumpur

The highly anticipated YG Repulique and K-Pub has officially opened! The grand opening was graced by popular K-POP stars - Big Bang's Seung Ri, FT Island's - Choi Jong Hoon, TV Personality - Jung JoonYoung. Alongside Seungri's NHR music label DJs Danu, TPA & Glory, with K Plus models, Yeon Hui and Soh Hee. Fans gathered outside the venue to greet the stars and even brave through the rain. 

On the same night, Seung Ri performed his first ever DJ set at Zouk KL, along side the guest DJs. An estimated 350 guests were present at the invite only event at YG's K Pub and alfresco. Korean ambassador to Malaysia Dr You and Korea's YG Foods CEO, Noh Hee Young were also present at the opening.Apart from producing talented singers, the entertainment company YG is known for their eateries. The extension of  their eatery entering Malaysia has been a brave marketing strategy. No doubt, many fans of the K-scene and also the general public will find the restaurant designed for everybody and will not be disappointed. Unfortunately, the restaurant is not halal for the Muslim customers. 

The Korean stars had a private dining session at 3 Geori Butcher's. Thereafter, signing YG Republique's signature pig-shaped balloons and marking the walls with their handwritten signatures, as part of  their venue opening ritual. A local wall mural artist also presented Seungri an original artwork, a portrait of the Korean pop star. 

3Geori Butchers: 12pm- 3pm (Lunch) / 6pm - 2am (Dinner)
​K Pub: 6pm - 3am