[Exclusive] Interview with the "Faded" hit maker - Alan Walker

Alan Walker is no stranger to the music scene. Started at the age of 14, Walker taught himself to produce music by watching YouTube tutorials. The famed music producer best known tracks are "Faded", "Alone" and "Sing Me to Sleep". With millions of hits on YouTube, he has garnered a huge following from all over the world. We caught up with the producer himself, he shared his insights on touring and on trying out a new genre.

You have made a mark in the music scene, what advice would you give to your younger self before you started making music?
That would be the same as I give others – not to give up on your dream, because you never know what can be right around the corner.

In your words, what makes “Alan Walker” incomparable from the other EDM music producers? 
I like to think that I create music that separates from other typical EDM songs in the sense that it’s more melodic and might be easier for people outside of the EDM community to enjoy as well.

Which of the many tracks you’ve produced has been your personal favorite?
It’s hard to not say Faded, as it was that track that really made everything possible for me.

You are famed as an EDM producer/DJ. Have you ever thought about trying out a new genre in the coming future? 
I’m definitely open to trying new sounds and implementing other genres in my music in the future.

When you produce music, how do you decide which direction to take a track?
It’s very much a natural process, and depends on what’s on my mind at that time.

If given a chance, would you collaborate with international singers from other countries that may not speak English? If so, who would you like to collaborate with?
Of course. I don’t have any specific artists in mind, but would definitely consider it.

In the midst of touring, how do you find time to immerse yourself back into the creative state when creating music?
I try to use my off time to focus on producing and being creative, as touring periods can be very hectic and time-consuming.

What can the public expect from you in the coming months? Will there be any plans for a tour in South East Asia or a new single?
People can expect new music, for sure. Both singles, remixes and collaborations. Also, I’ll definitely be back on tour in Asia.