Get a taste of heaven with the recently released single titled “HEAVEN” by top Indonesian artists AFGAN, ISYANA SARASVATI and RENDY PANDUGO. The collaboration is one of a kind which brings out another side of their musicality. “The song HEAVEN itself is about the feelings that we have of someone we love, that when we are close to them, we feel free. So, the song HEAVEN illustrates the way we feel when we are close to the people that we love.” explained by Isyana.

The track was released on Valentine’s Day 2018. The track paints a picture encapsulating the simplicity, uncomplicated and calm side of love as stated by Rendy - "What we hope from this song is for people to spread more love, how love doesn't need to be complicated."

The collaboration came about when Afgan and Rendy were initially supposed to collaborate but brought in Isyana to break the ice between the two. Jokingly Isyana states she becomes more of a tomboy when she hangs out with Rendy and Afgan. Organically, they decided to make a song together and started producing HEAVEN within a few hours. Isyana shared that they locked themselves in the studio for hours writing the lyrics and creating the theme of the song. Before recording the first demo, they decided to go with a simple theme of love musically and lyrically, in which they were able to struck up the composition of HEAVEN together effortlessly. When asked how do they define "heaven", they shared they identify heaven as the simple things such as emotions of joy and happiness. 

The song is streamed over 1.5 million times on Spotify and is continuously receiving positive reactions from the public. The three were keen to come back to Malaysia for a promo tour if the opportunity arises. Don't forget to check out "Heaven" on official music streaming platforms!

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