Seouls' Bargain Shopping Guide

South Korea’s fashion industry had always been the tip of every fashionista’s tongue. Influences from Korean pop to their culture shaped Korean fashion. The best part of all of this is that in Korea, you can dress up in the latest styles for affordable! Cosmetics and fashion is an easy access for anybody who’s in the thriving city of Seoul. However we’ve got top picks for you to shop the latest fashion on a budget!  

1. Ewha Womans University Fashion Street

First on the list, the popular must go-to shopping district right by the prestigious Ehwa Womans University. Here, you get to view the latest fashion of young adults showcased throughout the fashion district, styled  according to the current trend. A very popular destination for foreigners looking for cute to punk korean fashion. Many eye catching outfits can be bought from 5,000 to 10,000won. Wanna look like a leading lady brought to life from a Korean drama? Well then, Ehwa Womans University Fashion Street should be top on your list. 

2. Hongdae Shopping Area

Korea’s drinking culture surpasses many other countries with their diverse range of alcohol to fun drinking games in turn bonds friends and coworkers. Hongdae is one of Seoul’s top visited drinking area for clubs and bars. However it also houses a selection of fashion and make up stores too. Here, you may visit flagship store - Stylenanda & Chuu housing some of Seoul’s latest street fashion.

3. Myeondong

Setting apart from the other recommend places listed here, Myeondong is a must go for any cosmetic lovers! This tourist friendly area holds a wide selection of makeup brands, staying in trend with the latest of K-beauty. Here you may find more commercialized clothing such as Zara, H&M, Forever21, and SPAO. In addition to shopping, from afternoon on wards street food scattered all around the area will fuel your tummy for more shopping. Ready to shop till you drop then stop by Myeondong to experience the pinnacle of Korean cosmetics! 

4. Express Bus Terminal Underground Shopping Mall (Goto Mall)

Who would’ve thought Seoul’s largest underground mall serves as a bus terminal too? Here you may find everything from fashion to furniture stretched out to 600 stores. Baby clothes for cheap, young adult cocktail frocks to late night sleepwear all for an affordable price. This place is less populated with foreigners and is much more of a local shopping experience. Fashion here is versatile for all ages with a selection of stores are suitable for a woman with a peculiar age from 40yo+.  Korean fashion streets situated here, there, everywhere, it’s easy to dress up in the latest trend for cheap!