[UPCOMING] The BOSS 1st Showcase in Malaysia + Contest to win a solo photo with The Boss

The Boss, often referred to as DGNA, is a South Korean boy band with five members, formed under Open World Entertainment in 2010. In South Korea, they are known as Dae Guk Nam Ah, literally meaning ‘The Boys of Super Space’, which is how their English name “The Boss” was formed, which is mainly used outside of Korea. All of the five member Mika, Karam, Hyunmin,Injun and Jay. The Boss was debuted on March 4, 2010 with their song ‘Admiring Boy’ on Mnet Countdown. Their fancafés have exceeded 40,000 members in only a few months of their existence in Korea.

After success in overseas countries such as Thailand and China, The Boss are scheduled to spend more time in Japan to promote their music. They have spent a year promoting their Japanese singles, “Love Power”, “Love Bingo”, and “Love Parade” in 2011 as part of their ‘Love Series’ before returning to Korea to promote ‘Lady’ in late October 2011. They have been commonly known as ‘K-Pop re-exported from Japan’ as they used ‘Japan-First, Korea-Later’ strategy in their performance.

The Boss has won the Best Newcomer Award in the 20th Seoul Music Award and the Best Stage Performance Award in the Hong Kong Asian Pop Music Festival (HKAMF).
In the year of 2014,The Boss is going to visit Malaysia from 17th June 2014 to 23rd June 2014, to have their first in Malaysia showcase for one week. Please visit New Pro-Star Sdn Bhd facebook page, www.facebook.com/newprostar.my

Lucky for fans around Malaysia, The Boss will be heading to 3 cities! :-
Seremban Prima
26th June 2014
3pm - 5pm

Mahkota Parade
21th June 2014

1 Shamelin Shopping Mall
22nd June2014

New Pro-Star is currently promote a photo contest to have solo photo with The Boss. 
New Pro-Star will select the most share x2 winners and the most likes x2 winners. Hence,each mall will have 4 winners will be seated on First row ,and each will have solo photo with The Boss.

How to win?
a) Send in your sweetest, creative photo about you and The boss to npspopstar@gmail.com
b)NewPro-Star will pose on our FB
c)Like New Pro-Star Sdn Bhd FB page to authenticate your like
d)Get the most number of SHARE or LIKES

Only photo sent by 17th June 2014 will be entertain and will announce the result on 18th June 2014.