Lunafly Getting Intimate with Lukies (From Us To You FanMeet in Singapore)

Lunafly which consists of Sam, Teo and Yun comes back to Singapore once again for an intimate fan meeting “From Us To You” organized by Aurora Borealis. Lunafly is not your typical Korean Boy Group that most people would know. Lunafly who have a selection of their self-composed songs. They also play a number of variety of instruments. Do check out their music:

Press Conference of “From Us To You” ( Questions and answers were adjust for readers to better understand the questions and answers ).
Q : What’s the most interesting gift you’ve received from your fans?
A : A bra! In Mexico. I didn’t look at it! But it was quite large.

Q : You are quite known for covering songs, are there any songs/artists you would like to cover in the future?
A : John Legend, Snoop Dogg - I think that would be difficult to do. Also Probably, old school like Bon Jovi. [Teo] : Girl’s Day.

Q : How do you feel coming back to SG?
A : It feels like home, every time coming here we feel very comfortable. Also, there’s familiar faces here. Kind of like visiting an extended family.

Q : You guys interact with fans on SNS (social networking service). What’s the most interesting mention you received / what type of mention you like to receive?
A : Fan sends  I love you, I miss you but there’s messages like how are you? How have you been? Which is memorable. [Yun] There are times when fans will send – I saw you at this (public areas)

Q : Would you present yourself differently if Lunafly promote through the conventional way?
A : We didn’t follow the conventional way because we’re not a conventional group. But I don’t think one way is worst or the other way is better. I think the ways are different and for us this way is good.

Q : How was working on this album compared to working on the past album?
A : We had so much fun! We never did a song like this before. Different genres, challenging for us. It help us grow with recording and performing. Fantastic experience and quite a unique song.

Q : How was debuting on music programs? 
A : It was awkward for us to debut on music shows and we thought we were lacking so we have to work really hard to make themselves better.

Q : Who is your closest celebrity friends?
A : [SAM] Teo told me to make more friends. I made some friends and got a few phone numbers. EXO, infinite, B1A4.
[YUN] I felt good to be closer to the other artists.
[TEO] Apink, hello venus, dal shabet, girls generation. (Teo jokes about being friends with Mariah Carey, Pussycat Dolls and Beyonce).

Q : Do you identify yourself more towards the indie scene or more idol pop?
A : A lot of people thinks we are indie but we’ve never really been involved in the indie scene. We aren’t on an indie label but with a mainstream label. We do perform in indie clubs in Korea but I don’t know. It’ll be hard to categorize. (Sam jokes to call Lunafly main-indie)

Lukies started lining up hours before the fanmeet. Lunafly greeted the fans and that they are happy to be back in Singapore. The boys came out on stage wearing casual clothes. They then went on with their first performance – YeoWooYa which was written by the members themselves. Fans could be seen singing along and waving their light stick. Moving on to their first lucky draw, in which the lucky lukies receives a song serenade. Lucky lukies were chosen randomly and gets a phone call by each member which made the experience more intimate. Sam said “If it gets too intense tell me I’ll back away” resulted with screaming fans. The song that the boys sang was a cover of N Sync - This I Promise You.  Sam, Yun and Teo voices were sultry and sweet.

Following up was the drawing session. The boys were given a task to draw out “what’s on your mind right now”. Sam then jokingly said “Teo’s drawing is going to be crazy” and it was no surprise that Teo indeed finished first. Sam apparently was seen having a hard time drawing. Yun showed his drawing and stated that he drew a lunafly concert. He wanted to do a lunafly concert therefore he drew people. Next, Teo showcase his art piece and the drawing was of his signature and a rainbow in the background. “This orange-y is sun, red is fire, green is grass, blue is water and black is light. The person is the world”. – Teo explained.  “I didn't understand anything you said” Sam commented for a laugh. Then Sam said “Basically I’m thinking about hot women, very pretty girl, very pretty lady”. “Do you agree? This is my ideal girl.” The MC asked the crowd which drawing did they like? And majority of lukies shouted “Teo!”. Sam and Yun was shocked and Sam light-heartedly said “He took 1 Minute! I took 3 Minutes!”.  “Everyone here has a good eye because you picked me” Teo said. Once again, the lucky lukies were randomly picked to receive Lunafly’s work of art.

There was a Q and A session. Before the fan meet, fans were given sticky notes to write down their message or question for Lunafly to answer/read. Teo picked a Chinese (Mandarin) message (Did you eat?) and read it and also speaking random Chinese phrases. Yun also picked a Chinese (Hokkien) message and read it. Sam who was acting extra cheeky during the fan meet picked a question “Dear Sam! If you have a girlfriend, where would you kiss her first?”. Sam was somehow confused and asked if it was asking where on her or which location. It was clearly where on her which blew his mind. Sam answered with first date – check, 5th date - lips, and the 100th date – marriage making the fans go wild.

SG Lukies project was shown on stage (Video Clip) of fans learning how to play the Cajon. Ending with a clip of them playing and singing Superhero on their Cajon. Lukies also presented gifts to Lunafly. The boys really appreciate it and thanked them. Also, one of the sponsor Blast Out had a selfie competition and Lunafly themselves picked the winner on stage. They picked a fun looking selfie and took photo with the winner. Finally, the fan meet ended with a performance of Shake it off. Lunafly then came back out on stage and decides to play another 2 more song, for their fans -  Seeing You Or Missing You & a cover of As Long As You Love Me. It was definitely an intimate fan meeting with Lunafly. Also, we want to thank Aurora Borealis for the opportunity.
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