ONE HD July 2014 Highlights | Reruns of My Love from The Star & One Sweet Word‏

My Love from The Star – Reruns
Airing 6 July 2014, every Sunday at 8.45pm
on ONE HD (Astro B.yond Ch393)
 [Available in Bahasa Malaysia and Mandarin dub]

My Love from the Star reunites on the small screen, the shining stars of the 2012 blockbuster movie, The Thieves.  Actress Jun Ji Hyun Gianna (My Sassy Girl) and heartthrob Kim Soo Hyun (Secretly, Greatly) play the charming female and male leads of this brand new hit romantic comedy.

The series stars actor-model-singer Kim as Do Min Joon, an extraterrestrial from the Earth-like planet ‘KMT 184.05’ that lands on Earth 400 years before the present day, during the Joseon Dynasty in AD 1609.

Growing accustomed to life on Earth, he lives four centuries into the modern day seemingly without aging. With a perfect appearance and enhanced physical abilities including vision, hearing and movement that far better than humans, Do sees and hears things that he would rather not. Growing disillusioned with mankind, Do prefers not to help or intervene even when he can, and leaves fate to run its course, quietly living his life as a teacher.

When news of an approaching comet is reported, Do realizes that his time on Earth could be up within three months. However, his path crosses with Chun Song Yi, a feisty, self-centred and ignorant actress with a troubled career played by Jun. Moving into the apartment next to Do’s, they meet in the worst possible manner. But slowly, the cynical Do begins to feel for Chun and eventually falls for her, even as the time ticks down on him…

In addition to stars Jun and Kim, My Love from the Star’s cast also includes Park Hae Jin (Snow is on the Sea) as Lee Whi Kyung, Chun’s wealthy boyfriend who is the heir to a business conglomerate; and Yoo In Na (Secret Garden) as Yoo Sae Mi, a rival actress looking to steal the limelight from Chun. The series is directed by Deep Rooted Tree’s Jang Tae Yoo and is written by Park Ji Eun (Get Karl! Oh Soo Jung).

One Sweet Word – Reruns
Airing 19 July 2014, every Saturday at 8.45pm
on ONE HD (Astro B.yond Ch393)
 [Available in Bahasa Malaysia and Mandarin dub]

One Sweet Word depicts the conflicts and complicated married lives of Na Eun Jin (Han Hye Jin, Healing Camp) and Kim Sung Soo (Lee Sang Woo, Goddess of Marriage) who is also cheating; as well as respected CEO Yoo Jae Hak (Ji Jin Hee, The Great Seer) in the affair with Na, and the envied home-maker Song Mi Kyung (Kim Ji Soo, First Love).

Centering on both couples whose marriages are in danger of unraveling, the dilemmas and struggles of each spouse, along with the threats of revelation of their infidelities make for a tense emotional roller coaster.

One Sweet Word proved a challenge to actress Han Hye Jin on multiple levels. Her part as Na, a woman with questionable moral values and an unfaithful wife, marks a departure from the sweet and innocent characters she has played in the past. Han will have to reconcile her part as Na who quarrels a great deal with her husband Kim, with her real life where she “had never fought with her husband.”

Han took on the role just months after marrying South Korean footballer Ki Sung Yeung, and it was only at her husband’s encouragement that she accepted the part in One Sweet Word. Likewise, Han’s fellow actor Lee Sang Woo also took on the challenge of playing Na’s angsty and unfaithful husband Kim Sung Soo, away from the familiar ‘nice guys’ that he has played in the past.