The Boss (대국남아) 1st Showcase in Malaysia Press Conference

“The Boss (대국남아) 1st Showcase in Malaysia” Press Conference was held in Neway Karaoke, Casa Square in Puchong. The showcase and press conference is supported and sponsored by KCC paint, Umobile,  1Shamelin Shopping Mall, Seremban Prima, Mahkota Parade, HiStyle, The Sky, HongDae-Mun, e.City Hotel, EPOP, YG Magazine, Neway and Herm Model. The MC, JC Cheah introduced himself and then welcome The Boss – Mika, Karam, Injun, Hyunmin and Jay.

The MC asked “It’s your first time in Malaysia, What’s your impression of Malaysia?” - We were surprised with fans at the airport!
Malaysia food that you’ve tried? - I like Ice Kacang, Nasi Lemak, Chicken Satay.
The boys too have learned a few Malaysian phrases which then Karam said “Saya nak kencing” which made the floor laughed because it translates to “I want to pee.” Jay and Injun on the other hand said “Kamu Cantik”which translates to “You are pretty.” The boys went on and introduce themselves :-

Mika : Hi my name is Mika, 25 years old and The Boss’s Leader.
Injun : Hello everyone, my name is Injun! Nice to meet you all.
Karam : Hello my name is Karam and I have a small head.
Jay : Hello everyone, my name is Jay and I love you!
Hyunmin : (Hyunmin started singing a short ballad which surprised the floor.)

Karam showcased his talent of imitating a puppy, a 20 year old dog(?) and an old dog accurately. Injun then expressed himself through his talented beat boxing. The youngest member, Jay danced rhythmically along with Injun beat boxing. The last talent they showed to the floor was an acapella performance showcasing their vocal skills in which  They boys then commented that they will do better on stage with better sound equipment so stay tune for their upcoming showcases. One of the questions asked is if they could collaborate with an artist locally or international, who would it be? The boys answered with Datuk Siti Nurhaliza. What do they expect in the 3 upcoming showcases? - The expectation is to perform for the Malaysian fans, we have released a mini album not too long ago in Japan and Korea. The expectation is to also perform and share the music with everyone in Malaysia. What do you expect from your Malaysian fans? - We are hoping you all will come to our showcase. If there’s one thing from Korea you would want to recommend to your Malaysian fans, what would it be? - Yes, yes, our next album but I don’t know when it will be out. Shinsa-dong! Soju!

Sponsors from KCC Paint (The first time KCC paint is sponsoring for an entertainment artist event). Mr Kelvin Wong representing KCC paint greeted everyone with “Good afternoon everyone, as a Korean paint company, we have no hesitation we will give support towards Korean talents and Kpop activities. We hope you all enjoy the show! Thanks.”

There are also representatives from the sponsors from KCC Paint, Hi Style, 1Shamelin Shopping Mall, Seremban Prima, One City & Herms Model supporting “The Boss”. Our publication would also like to thank New Pro Star for giving us an opportunity to cover this event.
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Catch “The Boss” Showcase (Open to public)
Seremban Prima 
20th June 2014

Mahkota Parade
21st June 2014

1 Shamelin Shopping Mall
22nd June 2014