“Belgie Tour” Merch is not affiliated with Gigi and Bella Hadid

Sorry to break your hearts but Gigi Hadid recently announced on Twitter that the she is not affiliated with the “Belgie Tour” Merch by Urban Sophistication. She recently posted a Snapchat wearing the “Belgie Tour” pink hoodie stamped with retro-barbies resembling strongly to her and Bella. This garnered attention from fans and the media, assuming the “Belgie Tour” merchandise is a collaboration between the model sisters and Urban Sophistication.
The confusion came about when several media outlets reported “Belgie Tour” apparel is official merchandise from the Hadid sisters. Since Gigi spoke out, The Belgie Tour line has been pulled from the Urban Sophistication website. But fret not! Gigi mentioned that the sibling duo will keep their fans up to date if they decided to put out their own merchandise. We’ll be waiting!  

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