First Look at Christopher Nolan's Movie - Dunkirk

Harry Styles had been making headlines these past months when he chopped his hair for a role in the upcoming Christopher Nolan’s movie – “Dunkirk”. The first trailer of “Dunkirk” has been released early this August. In the clip, if you want to scout out the singer, it might take you a minute because he’s not featured in the trailer. It’s no surprise as the acclaimed director – Christopher Nolan is known to be secretive about his projects. Let’s hope in the future promos, fans will be able to spot the 22-year old singer. This will be his first acting debut on the big screen as “Harry Styles” apart from “One Direction’s: This Is Us”. Set in WWII, the war movie stars Tom Hardy and Kenneth Branagh. In addition to the release of the trailer, internet users have taken noticed of an extra’s acting skills, more precisely his “bad” acting in the minute-long promo. Check out some of the hilarious tweets about the promo. Dunkirk is scheduled to be released in July 2017.