Top 5 Movies You May Not Have Seen!

To be part of your generation is to understand pop culture references. Movies plays an important role in defining a certain generation, here are five amazing movies that you may not have watched!

1. Ghost World (2001)
Ghost World stars Thora Birch and Scarlett Johansson. This coming of age movie will remind audience the nitty-gritty parts of coming into terms of being a young adult. Here we see the character’s awkward phase in their life as they figureout their roles in society after high school. The movie is adapted from popular comic book of the same name by Daniel Clowes. Ghost World differs from the usual action packed movies adapted from comic books. This movie unpredictable plot and eccentric characters will put a smile on your face.

2. Om Shanti Om (2007)
This movie is a great blend of comedy, tragedy, romance, action with a touch of supernatural. Om Shanti Om is a multi-layered movie for those who can’t decide what to watch! In addition, this Bollywood movie will sure to please you with its array of musicals that will keep you entertain for 3 hours. The first half of this movie takes place in the 70s tells the story of a struggling actor – Om Prakash and his love towards popular actress, Shanti Priya. This movie gives the impression of a typical Bollywood love story but Om Shanti Om offers so much more.

3. Wadja (2013)
Wadja is the first movie to be shot entirely in Saudi Arabia, this movie is also directed by a female filmmaker - Haifaa al-Mansour. She had to call the shots from the back of the van while filming due to the gender segregation in Saudi Arabia. This does not stray away from the fact that Wadja is an awe inspiring tale of a feisty young girl seeking to purchase a bike. Although in Saudi Arabia, the ban towards females riding bicycles has been lifted, it is still frowned upon. She battles oppression shown by society through her antics. Character development in this movie is prominent, a wonderful feel good movie.
4. The Fall (2006)
It is safe to mention The Fall cinematography is pleasing to the eye in addition to its Kafkaesque storyline. The movie is about a fated meeting at a hospital circa 1920s between a young girl named Alexandria and a broken hearted bed ridden stunt man, Roy. The visuals of this movie are beautiful in every way as it encapsulates the imagination of the young girl. Director of this movie, Tarsem Singh puts visual storytelling into full gear, making use of this medium. The selected location of more than 20 countries gives the audience a touch of extravagant. The young girl who portrays Alexandria was oblivious that her co-actor Lee Pace is not actually bed-ridden. This brewed up authentic interactions on screen between the both of them which include an emotional scene towards the end.

5. Brief Encounter (1945)
Black and white movies are less appreciated these days; however there is a collection of engaging movies from the past that will entertain new generations. What will you do if you fall in love at the wrong time? Put yourself in the shoes of Laura Jesson who meets a tall, handsome and dark man at a train station. Soon they became fascinated with one and another. Here is the catch; both of them are married with children. Brief Encounter has made its mark into cinema history by inspiring theatre plays, opera, TV dramas and movies of the similar depicted forbidden love.