Comic Fiesta returns bigger than ever for 2017!

Comic Fiesta, the largest and oldest animation, comic and games (ACG) convention in Malaysia returns to Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC) this year in a fun filled two day event of cosplay, comic panels, games band performances and panel sessions. 

"Every year, it is always a sight to see a large number of Malaysian youths embracing the ACG culture and enjoys the content we have offered. Our ultimate goal for us is to bring awareness of the convention that will always be for fans by fans," said Comic Fiesta organizing committee chairman, Mr Lim Chin Hwa. 

Supported by Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), the annual twoday convention hasbecome a signature must-go event for illustrators, comic artists, cosplayers and fans. With Garena, Canon and Digi Malaysia as platinum sponsors, Comic Fiesta has brought together an interesting content to thrill and excite the ACG fans. Highlights this year include :

Legendary Father of the Final Fantasy music, Nobuo Uematsu comes to Malaysia with his band Earthbound Papas for a special one-night only performance. Having performed on world tours in front of thousands and two album released to date, audiences are set to be amazed as it will be a video game rock concert special. 

This year Comic Fiesta attendees are in for a treat as Kradness returns to Comic Fiesta for a special performance of electronic and dance set list. With a growing demand for rhythm music games and EDM by attendees, Comic Fiesta has invited Kors K who is known for his compositions for rhythm games on multiple platforms such as Beatmania IIDXX, Pop'n Music, and Dance Dance Revoluin. In addition, Ryu☆ is here to set the night concert a dance hall to remember with its spiced up dance music which includes bubblegum dance, handz up and lately EDM and Dubstep.

Studio TRIGGER, a leading Japanese animation company that brought anime titles like Gurenn Lagann, Kill la Kill and Little Witch Academia to life is here for a special art demonstration and public panel. Studio TRIGGER's managing director, Kazuya Masumoto and its chief animator, Kengo Saito will present an extraordinary art  demonstration and its thought processes behind their past anime titles. 

Milky Overload featuring Jarold Sng, Johnson, Zeen Art and Kael Ngu, is a team of highly experiences Malaysian artists who will be sharing a special titled Milky Summit : From the Artists Behind Milky Overload. Get behind the minds of these four brilliant artists who have made it in their career and are only soaring higher. 

Lefty and Tan Eng Huat, Malaysian comic book artists who are heading the comics division of Shanghai's Left Pocket Studio are here to give the lowdown on how to break into the China market. Presenting in its panel, The Gateway To China's Webcomics Market, aspiring artists can learn about the mega huge market China's web-comics and how many amateur artist could be a part of it.

Keen on entering the Japanese music industry? an industry talk panel featuring Lynn Hobday and Apryl Peredo is sharing their insights of the music industry and revealing the inner workings of the anime song industry as well. British-born, Japanese resident Lynne Hobday is a singer/songwriter, lyricist currently working with Naoko Takeuchi (author of the Sailormoon manga) on the 5th Sailor Moon musical. Apryl Peredo is a management/promotion consultant who has worked with various labels and music managers on promotion projects and planning for artists ranging from major label to up-and-coming. Companies and agents she works with handling artists such as Miyavi, My First Story, SiM, Inoran, Man with a Mission, among others. She has also been invited to speak at music conferences such as SXSW, mu:con, MIDEM on Japanese music industry and music scenes. 

In collaboration with Aniplus Asia, Kore Yamazaki the manga artist behind The Ancient Magus' Bride (魔法使いの嫁 ) is here for a special panel and autograph session. The manga has since been translated into over 14 languages and has been well-received by readers worldwide, even making it onto The New York Times' best seller lists. The television adaption cast of The Ancient Magus' Bride is available exclusively only on Astro GO's Variety Pack.

Since its inception in 2002, Comic Fiesta has grown considerably of the years from its small-scaled event with 100 attendees to over 40,000 attendees in 2016. This years marks the 15th year of Comic Fiesta presence in Malaysia.