The Shilla Duty Free celebrates newly opened Changi Airport Terminal 4 store with one-night-only Shilla Beauty Concert featuring K-Pop Ambassadors SHINee and Red Velvet.

The Shilla Duty Free’s Ambassadors, Korean pop sensations SHINee and Red Velvet visited Changi Airport Terminal 4 (T4) for the first time and met the media before their scheduled appearance at Shilla Beauty Concert on 24 November. They were here to celebrate The Shilla Duty Free’s newly opened Cosmetics & Perfumes store at Singapore Changi Airport’s T4.

Landing in the early morning, SHINee and Red Velvet got to experience shopping at The Shilla Duty Free’s new integrated duty-free store at Changi Airport T4. At the biggest and most spacious Central Cosmetics & Perfumes store in the airport, the artistes had a wonderful time browsing the store and enjoying the personalised and attentive service from Shilla’s retail staff.

Thereafter, the two groups sat down together for a joint media conference to meet media from Singapore, China and Indonesia.

When asked for their thoughts about the shopping experience at The Shilla Duty Free’s new store, SHINee’s Jonghyun chimed, “It was really well equipped with lots of products, and the staff were friendly as well.”

“We are very honoured to be the new ambassadors for The Shilla Duty Free alongside SHINee. We like the new store here because it’s so big and there is a wide variety of products, and we hope that everyone will get a chance to shop at Shilla Duty Free too,” said Irene, leader of Red Velvet.

Shilla Beauty Concert
SHINee and Red Velvet left fans screaming and ecstatic after performing at the one-night only Shilla Beauty Concert at Suntec Convention Centre on 24 November. Co-organised by The Shilla Duty Free and Changi Airport Group to mark the opening of The Shilla Duty Free’s newest store at Changi Airport Terminal 4, this exclusive concert was held especially for valued fans and partners. Tickets were not available for direct sale.

Waiting for the arrival of SHINee and Red Velvet, solo artiste Eddy Kim charmed the crowd with his original song You’re So Beautiful, from the popular Korean romance TV drama “Goblin”.

Red Velvet went on stage and had the crowd moving to their catchy tunes and snappy moves. To introduce more about the new ambassadors of Shilla Duty Free, Red Velvet had a talk segment where they shared their beauty tips on how they keep their skin glowing despite their busy schedules.

“We came to see Red Velvet and our favourite song was Red Flavour, this was our second time seeing them live and the atmosphere was hyped!” Jovia Koh Yang, 17 years, Student.

SHINee took the honour of concluding the two-hour concert, with members Jonghyun, Key, Minho and Taemin putting up a delightful performance to the screams from fans. As longstanding ambassadors of The Shilla Duty Free, SHINee also shared about their must-have skincare products and shopping tips at The Shilla Duty Free in a Beauty Talk Q&A.

With the joyous atmosphere and talented performances from all the Artistes, the 5,000-strong crowd were united in their enthusiasm, "Great experience, thankful to Shilla for this opportunity, for bringing SHINee and Red Velvet and Eddy Kim here.", Teh Suet Ling, 17 years, Student.

Mr Ingyu Han, President of Travel Retail Division, Hotel Shilla says, “This concert was an intimate way to show our heartfelt appreciation to all our partners and loyal customers for their support through the year.  It was a delight to host SHINee, Red Velvet, and Eddy Kim at our newly opened T4 Cosmetics & Perfumes store. We are proud to have presented a spectacular treat for all our partners and fans at Shilla Beauty Concert and are thankful for all the support from various vendors, organisers, and teams who made this all possible.”

Ms Teo Chew Hoon, Group Senior Vice President of Airside Concessions at Changi Airport Group said: “The popular Korean artistes, SHINee and Red Velvet generated a lot of excitement to celebrate the new Terminal 4. We are very happy to support our valued partner, The Shilla Duty Free, to organise the concert and create this valuable experience. We look forward to continue our partnership with more innovative ways to delight our passengers. ”