CNBLUE BLUE MOON WORLD TOUR - LIVE in Kuala Lumpur blasted off with fan chanting “CNBLUE!” Tonight fan girls and fan boys, anxiously waiting for the Korean Rock Band, CNBLUE to rock the night.  A short video clip was played introducing the members of CNBLUE with amazing graphics. The boys of CNBLUE came out rocking with their instruments. The boys greeted their fans and also praised Malaysian food by saying “Say mau makan satay”. And as the night goes on, Yonhwa plays the keyboard while the stadium is light up like a disco ball. Then the performance is joined by the fellow band mates. Fans and the band still seem full of energy as CNBLUE rocked the night. The boys interacted with their fans and impressed the crowd by speaking Malay such as “Malaysia are you having fun?” and “Bagaimanakah kamu rasa?”

 “First concert in Malaysia, you guys are amazing, screaming, very happy” – Minhyuk, drummer of CNBLUE. The concert came to a close with an upbeat song, I’m Sorry but they boys came back out with a blasted encore. The boys played around stage while interacting with their fans. The night ended with the boys thanking their fans that came out today and the they’ll come back again.

Our publication would also like to thank Daol Entertainment for giving us an opportunity to cover this event.

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