Press Conference CNBLUE BLUE MOON WORLD TOUR in Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – August 23rd, 2013 – As the blue excitement steadily builds for CNBLUE’s concert at Stadium Negara, Samsung Malaysia Electronics offered fans various opportunities to get up-close and personal with their South Korean rock heroes.

On a Friday filled with CNBLUE surprises, the Seoul-based rock band, consisting of Jung Yong-Hwa, Lee Jong-hyun, Lee Jung Shin and Kang  Min-hyuk, first met excited fans at the Samsung Experience Store in The Gardens Mall. Five individuals, who participated in an in-store lucky draw with their purchase of a brand new Samsung Galaxy S4, relished the opportunity to snap a memorable group photo with the band.

Following which, CNBLUE headed over to Grand Hyatt Hotel in KL for a press conference as well as a meet and greet session with their many Malaysian fans.

“The wave of South Korean popular music is ever-growing and this is evident with the excited fervour amongst Malaysians for CNBLUE’s arrival in Kuala Lumpur. As the first leg of CNBLUE’s Blue Moon World Tour, we wanted to give the fans an unforgettable CNBLUE experience through various opportunities to win concert tickets and meet and greet passes, “ said Vincent Chong, Head of Mobile Phone Division, Samsung Malaysia Electronics Sdn. Bhd.

“Samsung regonises how passionate Malaysians can be about music and we found this to be a great venue to enrich their lives with a unique CNBLUE experience,” said Chong.

“We are excited to be here in Malaysia and from what we have seen so far, there are many passionate Boice memebers (fans of CNBLUE) here! We are glad that our music can reach out to Malaysians and we hope to put on a rocking show for our fans to enjoy in Stadium Negara on Saturday,”said Jung Yong-hwa lead vocalist of CNBLUE, during Press Conference. 
Q : How you feel about Malaysia so far?
CNBLUE : The weather is similar to Korea now. We are here for the very first for our first concert in Malaysia.

Q : Have you tasted Malaysian food?
CNBLUE : I will want to try Satay before I leave.

Q : (Yong-hwa) Where do your inspirations come from when writing a song?
Yong-hwa : It comes naturally and it depends on who I meet. It really depends on the environment.

Q : (Jong-hyun) You were a gold medallist in Judo while in high school, so can you take on a bad person when you’re in a tough situation ?
Jong-hyun : Now I have a lot of security brothers around me and I don’t think it’s necessary for me to act in that action.

Q : (Jung-shin) You’re the youngest but the tallest. When you’re in disagreement with the others, do you go “Hey I’m the tallest?” and do you have any fashion advice for your teammates?
Jung-shin : No *laughs* Well, not quite an advice but I would let my stylist know what I would want to wear.

Q : (Minhyuk) Which is your first love, singing or acting?
Minhyuk : My first choice is always the band and its always my priority. 

Q : How do you describe your styles at the moment?
CNBLUE : Well thanks to our stylist, they dress up us nicely.

Q : What inspired the name “Blue Moon” for this world tour?
Minhyuk : Well the Blue Moon comes once in a while but sometimes there are blue moon appearing together. Since this will be our first world tour, we want our concert to be very special so we think blue moon is appropriate.

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