INFINITE Press Conference & 'One Great Step' Live in Jakarta 2013

Located in JW Marriot Hotel, INFINITE held their press conference for their first world tour ‘One Great Step’ in Jakarta. INFINITE was welcomed by the cheers of the press that has been waiting for them to come on stage. They greeted themselves in Indonesian, “I’ve missed you” said Woohyun after their introduction.

This is their second visit to Indonesia, last March they were also here for Music Bank. They have learned a lot of Indonesian, which really surprised everyone because it was only their second visit. Woohyun even memorized a nursery rhyme called ‘Pelangi Pelangi’ in which they all performed at the concert the next day.

When asked where they wanted to go if they were to have a vacation in Indonesia, Sungjong without a doubt said Bali. He said he would like to go swimming in Bali. Other members also agreed by nodding and mouthing ‘Bali’.

The leader of INFINITE, Sunggyu said that their plans for the remaining months of 2013 will be focused on the world tour and also dramas and variety shows that some of the members were a part of.

The next day, INFINITE performed a total of 26 songs, not disappointing the fans. Towards the end of the show, a surprise birthday party was held for Sungyeol and Sungjong who were very surprised and touched. They also did a little bit of cake fight, leaving Sungjong’s face covered with chocolate. Sadly, the concert had to end, but INFINITE and INSPIRITS hope to see each other again sometime. Just like what one of the members said, even though INFINITE might not physically be in Jakarta, their hearts will always be with Jakarta Inspirits.