Press Conference Lee Kwang Soo Fan Meeting In Singapore

Q: When you were young, what did you eat that make you grow so tall?

Lee Kwang Soo: I like milk!

Q: This is a good opportunity for you to be a spokesperson for a milk company.
Lee Kwang Soo: Yes, thank you! I’ll continue my love for milk.

Q: What advantages and disadvantages for being so tall 
in the industry?
Lee Kwang Soo: Although it can be difficult to dress up, I like my height. Maybe the only disadvantage is that I get noticed easily on Running Manbecause of my height!

Q: What age do you want to get married?
Lee Kwang Soo: I get very embarrassed when people asked me these kinds of questions. I never really thought about it but of course I must wait for Jong Kook to go first.

Q: If you could change your character on Running Man, how would you change it?
Lee Kwang Soo: The only way for me to survive on the show if I want to win is to continue to betray others. But I’m sure of the kind of character I would like to change myself to. If there opportunity, I will probably work out and have a cool body like Jong Kook and try to beat him.

Q: You have been nominated many times for acting awards but haven’t nailed an award yet, are you confident of finally bagging one this year?
Lee Kwang Soo: I would love to receive an award but I’m not hoping for one. I just want to do my best and maybe I’ll get lucky one day and be up on stage to receive a cool award.

Q: You have played many different roles in dramas, what kind of character would you like to try out?
Lee Kwang Soo: I’ve always act a lot of friendly and kind roles in the past. Maybe due to that, it feels different when I act a mean character in Goddess of Fire. But I’m satisfied with this as I want to try a variety of characters, especially those I haven’t tried before.

Q: Who do you think is best at Running Man and where do you rank yourself?
Lee Kwang Soo: This is really my own opinion so I hope you guys can keep it a secret!

Seventh: Suk Jin
Sixth: Haha
Fifth: Gary
Fourth: Jae Suk
Third: Ji Hyo.
Second: Me!
First: Jong Kook (He is very sensitive to this kind of issues and will probably be happy to hear that he is first on my ranking.)

Q: On the scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your looks?
Lee Kwang Soo: let me think, what a great question, thank you for asking. Maybe a seven? or eight? I’ll take better care of my appearance next time!

Q: You appear really outgoing on screen, is that your true personality?
Lee Kwang Soo: I am atually shy and tend to get serious. Thanks to the other members in Running Man for being active and bubbly, I become high and have more energy.

Q: Which Running Man episode is most memorable to you?
Lee Kwang Soo: There this episode called “Kingdom of Animals”. Jong Kook and I were the last two survivors. It was a rare event and doesn’t happen really often, I beat Jong Kook and emerged as the solo winner. It was a great prize!

Q: Which guest stars do you wish will come on Running Man?
Lee Kwang Soo: I would love to have the original Running Man members like Song Joong Ki and Lizzy back and it would mean a lot to the other members too!