[Coverage] AlphaBAT Raya Showcase in Kuala Lumpur

AlphaBAT is back in Malaysia once again for a Selamat Hari Raya showcase in 3 different cities - Ipoh, Melaka and Kuala Lumpur organised by New Pro Star. AlphaBAT debuted as a 9-member group under Simtong Entertainment and had their last of their Selamat Hari Raya showcase in 1 Shamelin Shoppiung Mall, Kuala Lumpur. 

The Boys dressed in black and white opened the showcase with a cover of Big Bang's Tonight as they gained screams from the crowd. AlphaBAT overpowered the stage with their variety of impressive vocals and addicting rap. Unfortunately due to Epilson 엡실론's leg injury, he wasn't able to join the other members on stage. Epilson expressed that he's sorry and his leg still hurts a little. The official fanclub name is "Alpha" and the fans were really passionate and sang along when the boys perform. AlphaBAT also sang a cover of Sistar's Loving You while mixing it up with their personal touch of rap and acoustic vocals. Beta said that he is happy AlphaBAT have a showcase in Malaysia and he is moved that there are more fans than expected. Also, he said that AlphaBAT have gotten better in Malaysia and people do recognise them. 

Besides cover songs, AlphaBAT perform their title tracks such as Always, 딴따라 and AB City. Epilson joined the members on stage when they sang "Always". AlphaBAT made effort to interact with the fans such as coming down from stage and speaking Malay. When the MC asked the 9 boys "Do you miss Malaysia?", all of them raised their hands and said "Yes!". The MC then taught them a Malay phrase "Aku Cinta Padamu" and when AlphaBAT said it, it sends screams across the mall. 

Following up is the game session with 9 lucky fans. The game session 가위 바위 보 (Rock, Paper, Scissors), the fans must play rock paper scissors against each member as a team and if the fans win, they get a photo session. The game session was intense and the Alpha(s) won and each winner got a photo session with the boys.

As a surprise to AlphaBAT, the MC asked the boys to turn their backs while the fans placed the batons on the stage. The baton is used in their music video 딴따라 and Beta jokingly repeated "This is dangerous!" but AlphaBAT perform with the baton for their Alpha(s) to enjoy. In the showcase, Epilson had a birthday celebration as Gamma brought a cake and when asked what is his wish, Epilson replied with "secret". 

Ending the showcase, the final audition to be alphaBAT's 10th member went on and the showcase ended with a photo session and an autograph session. For more pictures do visit KpopTimeLotus Facebook.