ME. I AM MARIAH Live In Kuala Lumpur Ticket Launching

The long awaited return of R&B and Pop sensation Mariah Carey <ME.I AM MARIAH> Live in Kuala Lumpur is scheduled to be held at Stadium Merdeka on 22nd October. IME Productions has launched the tickets sales of the diva’s concert on 17th August at Paradigm Mall, Kelana Jaya from 11am till 5pm which had received overwhelming response from her loyal fans, Lambs(the diva refer to her fans as Lambs),whether young , old , local or foreigner. Those who purchased ticket at the ticket launching will enjoy the 10% early bird ticket promotion.

The “Lambs for Life”, Arif Rassip and Ezzad queued up from 7a.m. at the ticket launching venue and became the first VVIP tickets buyer of concerts. In a short interview with them, both of them were unable to hide their excitement of Mariah Carey’s stop in Malaysia. Another fans was reported has purchased both Malaysia and Singapore concerts tickets to show his support to Mariah Carey.  <ME. I AM MARIAH> world tour is a part of initiative to promote her latest single and Kuala Lumpur will be the 7th Asian stop of her world tour following by Singapore and Philippine.

40% of the ticket for Kuala Lumpur’s concert has been sold out in the first day of ticket sales and tickets for PS2 and PS3 are selling fast as well. For those of you who have yet to get any tickets yet, do check out the ticketing agent website by calling TicketCharge hotline +60392228811 / IME hotline +6011-23166198 for further ticketing enquiries.