[Coverage] K-Festival Malaysia 2014 Feat. Running Man's HAHA and MBLAQ

K-Festival 2014 @ Malaysia was held in Pavilion, KL on 8-10 August 2014. The event itself attracted much attention and individuals can grab on K-Tour Hot Deals to Korea. The event present itself with K-Culture, K-Beauty, K-Food, K-Trend, K-Tech, K-Pop and K-Performance for Malaysians to experience.

THE PAINTERS: HERO (페인터즈 히어로) is an innovative art performance that stages the mind-blowing skills of live drawing with incredible visual effects filled with a witty blend of mime, dance and comedy. Painters hero paints various pictures with their finger and brushes while grooving to the beat of the music. Also incorporating various mediums such as sand to their artwork.  More details @ http://www.thepainters.co.kr 

Malaysians got a taste of Korean Food with Celebrity Chef  Lee Sang-Hak demonstrating the preparation of Korean Food. Also, enlightening audience with the Korean food background. He states that Korean metal utensils were used used because the King was concerned with assassination by poison. A plus for audience as they got to learn history and K-food simultaneously. Selected audience were chosen to taste the Korean cuisine made by Chef Lee Sang-Hak and all were delighted.

Those at K-Festival experience Korean Traditional Music with Kayarang, musician duo who master the Gayageum (a traditional Korean stringed instrument). The twins wore traditional hanbok and personally hand picked the songs for Malaysians to "Imagine Your Korea". They perform Rasa Sayang (Malaysian Song) and also sang along to it. Of course, when mentioning traditional Korean music "Arirang" comes to mind. Kayarang mentioned Sanjo music which has been around over 2000 years old is good music therapy and judging from the crowd reaction, they all agree too.

Korean Royal Hanbok Fashion Show was also held at K-Festival. The grand fashion show showcased beautiful hanbok following the hierarchical order. The fashion show incorporated traditional dance and music. The colours and embroidery of each hanbok was magnificently eye catching and beautiful. For More Pictures from the Fashion Show, do visit KpopTimeLotus Facebook.

The first day of K-Festival ended with a special appearance by Running Man's HAHA. The venue was filled up and everybody were there cheering for HAHA. He came out and gave out free autographed freebies such as albums and T-shirts to lucky individuals. HAHA expressed that he and the other Running Man members will be returning soon to Malaysia. He insisted that the host (Baki) gives out the freebies to every direction, even to those fans that were sitting far behind. Later on, the 200 lucky fans was able to get his autographed. After the fansign ended, HAHA personally came down stage and greet the fans from left to right. Ending the event, he once again thanked all who came.

K-POP group, MBLAQ (Seungho, Thunder, Mir, G.O) made a special appearance on the second day of K-Festival. The venue was once again filled and the boys perform their first song, 남자답게 gaining screams from every corner in Pavilion, KL. Member G.O expressed that "They are finally here and that they are happy to see the fans". Additionally they said "Kita Cinta Padamu and Thank you coming to see us, Thank you very much" which made the crowd go wild. The host taught MBLAQ how to say Thank You in Malay, - Terima Kasih. MBLAQ proceeded with their second song, Mona Lisa and ended with their last song - Oh Yeah. Despite the fact that the boys were on stage for about 20 minutes, the Malaysian fans filled with gratitude.

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Our platform would like to thank Korea Tourism Organization for giving us an opportunity to cover this event.