[Exclusive Coverage] Interview with Boys Republic

With the upcoming MTV World Stage 2014, our platform was given an opportunity to interview Boys Republic. They are back once again after their successful showcase in Malaysia months ago. Boys Republic growing popularity gained them admiration from around the globe. The boys are charming and well mannered. The members Onejunn, Sunwoo, Sungjun, Minsu and Suwoong dressed casual chic with floral prints complimenting its soft pastel colours. Interested in knowing what scares the boys? How do the boys pull themselves back up? Or what type of boyfriends are they? Check out the interview below!

Q : Do you have a stylist or do you style yourself?
A : We do have a stylist director and a coordinator that creates the style for us such as shirts and jackets. (Laughs) The visual director is called Ko Tae Yong. He is the designer of Beyond Closet and it is really famous in Korea.

Q : You boys made a comeback with the title song "Dress Up". Boys Republic is now transformed in to "boyfriend idols", what type of boyfriends do you identify yourself as? 
Sungjun : I would be the type of boyfriend that worries a lot towards my girlfriend.
OneJunn : I will only think about my girlfriend similar to our song “Dress Up”.
Sunwoo : I will care and be kind towards my girlfriend (Laughs, father figure).
Suwoong : I will be kind and look after my girlfriend.
Minsu : I older woman and I like rejection.

Q : When you feel down, how do you pull yourself back up?
Sunwoo : I read books and drinks coffee.
Sungjun : I go shopping but at times I won’t have enough cash.
Minsu : I’ll show some magic tricks to the other members.

Q : This is your second time in Malaysia, how do you feel about coming here again?
Suwoong : Really excited! Power energy!
It feels like Korea - a second home. In Korea it’s summer and it is similar here in Malaysia.

Q : Would you venture out in to acting or try out variety shows?
Sunwoo : I would like to try acting in a drama, or singing in an OST.
Suwoong : I would also like to try out acting and join in a variety show that includes running.
Minsu :  I want to try movie directing and also music video directing.
Sungjun : I’ll continues as a singer and maybe try out composing.
Onejunn : I would like to produce an album for Boys Republic.

Q : It has been a year since Boys Republic debuted, have there been any episodes during that year?
Minsu : It was late at night and after we trained, we returned back to our hostel/dorm. And I noticed the door was opened, I was really afraid but I had to toughen up and be brave. It turns out that I forgot to close the door when we leave the hostel/dorm.

Q : What sets Boys Republic apart from other current boy groups?
OneJunn : We are a group that break walls with the fans and we go towards the fans.
Sungjun : We celebrate birthdays with fans and also attending fans graduation in person.
Minsu : There’s a ranking show in Korea and we got first place for treating the fans kindly.

Q : Do you plan to involve your fans in one of your programme?
Minsu : Last year, we had a chicken party with the fans and in the future, we might have another party to communicate with the fans.
Sungjun : Next time, maybe we’ll attend our fan’s wedding.

Q : What’s the most extreme you've gone out of your way for the fans?
A : For now it’s the graduation ceremony but maybe next time, a wedding ceremony.

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Our platform would like to thank MTV Asia for giving us an opportunity for the interview with Boys Republic.