[Coverage] Chi Lam Crazy Hours Live in Malaysia 2014

“Chi Lam Crazy Hours Live in Malaysia 2014” opened up with a bang at Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur on August 29th 2014. The fans of Chi Lam packed the stadium as they anxiously waited for the concert to start. As the lights dimmed, Chi Lam dressed in white emerge from the bottom of the stage , the crowd screams with excitement. His first song  "每一分钟都愿能见你", a soft ballad. As the concert goes on, there are many selections of ballads with a mixture of pop in the concert. The track "祝君好", fans sang along loudly which made him a little teary-eyed. He kept things interesting such as releasing big red inflatable balls to the crowd to play with as he sings. He expressed - "I am very happy to be here in Malaysia for my concert Crazy Hours. Hope that everybody gets to join in the fun and play at Chi Lam Crazy Hours Concert. I should come down, then it's really crazy!" As he continue singing, Chi Lam made his way down towards the crowd and interacted with them.

Chi Lam welcomed special guest, Him Law - "Let's play a game but playing alone is no fun! Let's welcome our guest for tonight, Him Law" Him law comes out dressed in black and white, street style. Before the game starts, Chi Lam hand picked a male fan volunteer to do push ups with Him Law. After that, Chi Lam invites 2 lucky female fans to join the game. The game is a simple game of piggy back race with the males carrying each chosen female on his back. When the game ends, Him Law and his female partner won but everybody who participated in the game received a special prize of Chi Lam's Limited Edition Box Set. Next, Him Law expressed that he is really thankful to be on stage and is honoured to be a special guest. He sang "听风的歌" and "游乐场".

Chi Lam prepared a special performance by saying "Love is bitter, but as bitter it may seem, it will never be as bitter as loving the person that is not human", it turns out that he was referencing the Korean Drama My Love from the Star which he then sang a cover of the OST "My Destiny" while mixing it up with "恋上外星人". Chi Lam comes back on stage wearing a tailored decorative suit that resembles of a pilot which sends screams from the crowd. He previously acted in the highly popular Hong Kong drama Triumph in The Skies II with his portrayal of Captain Jayden "Captain Cool", he sang "Ain't no Mountain High Enough" with his trademark Captain Jayden expression on stage which made the stadium shake in excitement.

During the concert, he picks a female fan from the crowd and sang for her. Z-Chen, a Malaysian singer is also one of the two special guest for the concert. Chi Lam and Z-Chen joked about having the same surname. Z-Chen sang "凌晨三点钟" and later sang a duet with Chi Lam. Chi Lam Crazy Hours Concert ended with a birthday cake surprise to celebrate his belated Birthday. The final selection of song he sang is "歲月如歌" which once again stimulated the fans to sing along. Chi Lam thanked everybody who supported the concert and the fans that were present at the concert.

Chi Lam is expressive in singing live. Taking the stage with full on power yet still staying soulful. Keeping it fresh with each song. Chi Lam reminding us that sometimes crazy is not all that bad.  For more pictures do visit KpopTimeLotus Facebook.Our publication would also like to thank Mega Ultimate for giving us an opportunity to cover this event.