KPOP Star Dream Concert Live in Malaysia

K-pop star dream concert live in Malaysia was finally here! Held in Arena of Stars, Genting Highlands, the line up for this concert consists of 5 uprising korean artists. Among them are the only boy group, BTOB, the only solo artist, G.Na, and 3 talented all girl groups, 4Minute, Brown Eyed Girls (B.E.G.) and Sistar.
The stage was filled with laser lights that lit up the arena with different colours when each number is performed. Introduction video of the first group, BTOB was played and the fans couldn't contain their excitement. Opening number was WOW. All 7 members of BTOB was dressed differently according to their own casual style. The next number was also another upbeat song, INSANE, skyrocketing the energy level of the fans. They then stopped to talk to the fans, asking us how we were doing in Malay again, the infamous 'apa khabar?' question.
Also, they mentioned that they were honored to be the only male performing artist on stage and that being tired from travelling won't stop them from having fun. They threw in a little mandarin asking to be continuously intrigued by their performance.
Moving on to IRRESISTIBLE LIPS, and after that they stopped and said the next song would be their last song and not to be worried because there will be more amazing artists and asking us to be ready to have some fun! They ended their performance with 2ND CONFESSION.

G.Na was next after a introduction video starting off her slot with OOPS! which is a collaboration with BTOB's Ilhoon. She wore all black, with a white vest and black ankle boots showing off her legs. Entertaining the crowd with another upbeat song, 2HOT, she continued to dance with 4 back up dancers. She greeted the Malaysian fans with annyeong-haseyo and pleaded the fans to continue their ongoing support towards k-pop. The next song was I'LL GET LOST, YOU GO YOUR WAY which holds a special meaning for G.Na as this was her first English song that she wrote. After introducing her last number, she asked the fans to maintain the energy level for the rest of the line up. She ended her performance with her hit song that won her first ever music bank, BLACK AND WHITE.

First girl group to make their way to the stage was 4 Minute consisting of Nam Ji-hyun, Heo Ga-yoon, Jeon Ji-yoon, Kim Hyun-a, and Kwon So-hyun debuted in 2009, they started their performance with their latest song, WHAT'S YOUR NAME? Wearing their famous mix n match of colourful and quirky costumes, they sang MIRROR MIRROR next. The girls did something different during their introduction speech, asking what's your name in Malay (apa nama kamu?) and they literally asked a fan upfront. Lucky guy! They also mentioned that they were happy to perform here in Malaysia again. They interacted alot with the fans, shaking hands and all. Then, the five-member group sang I'M OK and also the crowd favourite HEART TO HEART.
Stopped to thank the crowd and did more fan interaction, singing the first part of HOT ISSUE making fans to sing along. While singing the single that shot them to fame, they took some lucky fan's instax camera and took some Polaroids!

Four-member girl group, Brown Eyed Girls better known as B.E.G. was set to perform next making their entrance with the dark and fierce concept song,SIXTH SENSE. Sixth sense topped all major charts in Korea when it debuted. JeA, Miryo and GaIn were dressed sophisticatedly with theme colour black while Narsha wore a leopard leotard. Their 2nd number of the night was a burlesque kinda song, HOT SHOT. They did a brief self introduction asking the crowd how they were doing so far before moving on to a slower song written by their leader, JeA, A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S. They temporarily took a short break to get their props which are black fans for their next song, SIGN. Also thanking the crowd, they expressed their love to the Malaysian fans and promise to see them soon as they are looking forward to visit Malaysia again. Singing their last song, the song which had the famous hip moves,ABRACADABRA and left their fans wanting more from this versatile girl group.
Last but not least, the four-member group SISTAR consisting of Hyorin, Bora, Soyou and Dasom who are known for their sexy sultry curves took the stage singing their hit song that rose their popularity, a cute number, LOVING U. They were also the first group to wear matching outfits, leopard print jumpsuits with belt and black glitter heels. Next song that they sang was ALONE. They introduced themselves as a group in malay, (kami semua sistar) and mentioned that this was the 2nd time that they're here in Malaysia, thanking the fans for their warm welcome and continuous support. They also did the introduction of their next song sang by the subgroup Sistar19 consisting of Hyorin and Bora, MA BOY. The first song that did not started off with a dance was LEAD ME. Again, thanking the fans and hope the crowd enjoyed the concert, they introduced their last song of the night, a dance beat SO COOL.

At the end of the concert, all the artists lined up to take a bow and to thank the crowd. This concert is held for 2 days so they actually asked the fans to come back the next day to show their support. All in all, they were all pumped up to give a great unforgettable KPop fiesta concert.

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