A-Prince Singapore Showcase 2013

The showcase starts with a dance performance by CL1MAX (a local dance group). After their performance, A-Prince come out and began their showcase.
1st Song: “You are the only one”
They did an introduction of themselves
2nd song: “Oh Girl”
3rd song: “Hugs”
4th song: “Mirotic”
They did an introduction of themselves again. A-Prince tries to introduce themselves in English.
While Sungwon went to change. DJ Ken talks to the other boys asking about their dream girl and select 5 lucky girls. The 5 lucky girls get to make a wish. Most of the girls want a hug and got a hug from A-Prince.
The boys are all ready and back with the song
5th song: “What make you beautiful”
6th: “One Thing”.
A-Prince is all happy to be on the stage. They are dancing happily and went down from the stage to be near to their fans.
The fans in Singapore are lucky to get to hear to 3 of their new songs which will debut soon. One of the songs that they sang title “I Love You”

After performing the song, Sungwon and Seungjun remain on stage while Woobin, Minhyuk and Si Yoon goes backstage to change.
DJ Ken: is there any secret in the group you would like to share with us?
Seungjun: Mihyuk sleeptalk and it can be quite scary.
DJ Ken: Have he ever say any girls name?
Seungjun: Never.
DJ Ken: I heard there a member who likes to take pictures of flower.
Sungwon: Oh it is me.
DJ Ken:I heard that you also like perfume?
Sungwon. Yes true.
DJ Ken: who is very sporty?
Seungjun: Me. I like to play Basketball, tennis, running and more.
DJ Ken: There someone who love cap. Who is it?
Sungwon: Woobin. He have lots of caps.
DJ Ken: Is there any other secret?
Seungjun: Woobin like to sleep walk.
A-Land asks both boys to do Gwiyomi. They say that they don’t really know how to do it. So they ask the fans to sing out the songs and they try. A-Land are not satisfies with the Gwiyomi and ask Sungwon and Seungjun to do again. Sungwon is shy and ask Seungjun to do Gwiyomi on his own.
Woobin, Minhyuk and Si Yoon are back on stage to do a dance cover. They really dance and enjoy themselves. As they dance, they keep doing a heart shape to their fans.
The boys went to change their clothes. When they are back on stafe, fans are ask not to record anything. They sang the other 2 new songs, title “My Lady” and “Mambo”. The songs have a nice beat and rhythm and I am sure those who hear will love them.

They show 3 videos special for Woobin. It’s his birthday. One of the video are made by fans all around the world. As for the 2nd and 3rd video, they are make by the boys themselves. After the video, 5 lucky fans went out with 2 cakes. One cake is for Woobin and Seungjun birthday and the other for the other boys.
DJ Ken: So what is your birthday wish?
Woobin: A-Prince to be better and handsome.
Seungjun: Thankful for everything and love A-Land.

A-Prince went backstage and the fans shout for an Encore. After some time, A-Prince went back on stage and dance to “Oppa Gangnam Style” and “Gentlemen”. They make all the fans happy. It was a great time spent with the boys.

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