A-Prince Press Conference in Singapore 2013

A-Prince Press Conference

A-Prince went into the room and the press conference began. APrince start the press conference by saying their catchy greetings in korean. They began introducing one by one. Seung Jun was known as SMILE PRINCE. Woobin was known as PURE PRINCE. Sung Won PRINCEOFPRINCE & the leader of the group.  Minhyuk as SEXY PRINCE. Siyoon as CUTIE PRINCE.

MC: From the video, you guys actually have a teaser saying that someone actually wished to visit the Merlion.
As they are trying to answer a sudden blackout happens halfway and they joke around about it.
A-PRINCE: Minhyuk says that he had researched on the Merlion and it was famous in Singapore.
MC: They actually did visit the Merlion this morning right?
A-PRINCE: We visited the Merlion Park this morning and it was really nice and we took a lot of pictures.

MC: As the weather in Korea is still a bit chilly, are they adapt to the weather in Singapore since there is a huge difference in the weather?
A-PRINCE: APrince still think that although the weather here is hotter than in Korea, they find it alright.
MC: Five prince, obviously they're princes, they're so handsome right but I believe that each one of them have a characteristic that outshines the other group members.
A-PRINCE: Siyoon started to show his cuteness and followed by Minhyuk tried to wink to show his sexiness. Sung Won is the PRINCEOFPRINCE and tried to show his charming eyes but it ended up to a burst of laughter and passed his turn. Woobin tries to show that he was pure and indeed he was pure in everything, his smile and he's handsome. Seung Jun also did showed his cute smile and it was beautiful.
MC: That's how the fans can differentiate them.

Q: Who came out with the name "A-PRINCE"?
A-PRINCE: the name was decided by the members and the boss of the company after a few discussions.
MC: They must have been prepared for a long time in terms of their showmanship and also music since there is a comeback coming soon.
A-PRINCE: actually, they had a mini album"Hello" was released recently and also they have been training hard for their new song Mambo which they will perform at the showcase and it is their global debut.So please come and watch it.

Q: Since the group name is APRINCE, which subject did the members scored "A"s in school?
A-PRINCE: Siyoon scored an "A" for art. Minhyuk prefers singing and performing so he will be focusing more on it. Sung Won scored an "A" for music. Woobin have not received an "A" yet but he will continue to work hard to achieve it. Seung Jun scored "A" in Sports, English, Maths and History.

Q: Happy advance birthday. I heard that 2 of the members are celebrating their birthday, so how was it like to celebrate their birthday in Singapore?
A-PRINCE: Woobin says that it is his first time celebrating his birthday overseas,and he is excited as it is meaningful to him. Seung Jun says unfortunately that he will be celebrating his birthday on the plane.
MC: Is there any special way you celebrate birthdays in Korea? For example, cake-smashing.
A-PRINCE: In Korea, we do have cake-smashing as a joke. But we also have hidden cameras to film the whole process of surprise.

Q: Previously, G.O. from MBLAQ wrote a song for your album, You're the only one. If you were to have the opportunity to collaborate with other artist, who would you want to collaborate with?
A-PRINCE: Seung Jun would like to collaborate with Neol. Woobin would like collaborate with PSY. Sung Won would like to collaborate with Jaejoong from JYJ. Minhyuk would like to collaborate with the rapper Beenzino. Siyoon would like to collaborate with Se7en.
Q:What habits you cannot stand for? 
A-PRINCE: Siyoon actually snores quite a lot. Minhyuk sleeps earlier than Seung Jun and sometimes he talks in his sleep and it was so scary. Siyoon interrupted by saying that he shares room with Woobin and Sung Won, sometimes training can be hard and somebody start crying at night.

Q: What is the comeback going to be like?
A-PRINCE:  It's a challenge for them as they are trying out different genres to put a new song together especially the song Mambo so it has been a very refreshing challenge.
For the whole press conference they are attached to a translator to aid them translate most of the questions from English to Korean. APRINCE are being so nice and friendly. It was fun talking to them.

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End of Conference.