[Press Conference] TVXQ! “Catch Me” World Tour, Live in Malaysia

Sign In Time : 3.50 PM
Venue : The Saujana Hotel Kuala Lumpur

TVXQ came in the Press room and greeted everyone in Korean and Malay. Below are questions answered by the TVXQ boys.
How do you feel coming back to Malaysia after 6 years?
TVXQ: It has been a long time I have been in Malaysia and as everyone is welcoming us heartily. Also, sorry for making everyone waited for us.

Last time you came to Malaysia, there must be some good memories so this time around, what do you plan to do in Malaysia?
TVXQ: We came in last night, and after the show tonight we’ll be flying back to Korea. I hope to look around and make good memories next time.
Usually during our tour concert, we stay at a hotel but this time we’re living in a resort and this is a really good place. We hope for the next visit, we’ll be able to come back to the resort.

So do you like the sunny and hot weather? 
TVXQ: Yeah I like the sun.

About the concert tonight, what can the fans expect?
TVXQ: In Malaysia, we’ll be performing with a near distance with our fans so it will be an intimate moment and more eye contact with the fans. It has been 6 years since we came, our fans has been waiting for us that we are eager to meet our fans too.

This concert in Malaysia, do you have something special?
TVXQ:  We will be doing the same as usual and we’ll be doing some personal talents to show and it will be fun.

A lot of people want to know your personal life so what do you do in your free time?
TVXQ : I don’t have a lot of free time but if I have the time, I love playing sports and especially with the summer coming. 

Here are pictures taken during the Press Conference.
If taken out, please credit www.kpoptimelotus.com 
Thank You.