TVXQ! “Catch Me” World Tour, Live in Malaysia

TVXQ! “Catch Me” World Tour, Live in Malaysia
The long awaited concert of TVXQ here in Malaysia was held in Stadium Malawati, Shah Alam which wasn't the usual place for a kpop concert but it gave the fans an intimate experince. It was kicked start at 5.30pm with an opening act of our very own local singers who recently skyrocketed to fame when their song was the main soundtrack in a movie titled Kepong. They serenaded the excited Cassiopeias with their own rendition of Bruno Mars's - Just The Way You Are. They moved on to another song after that which is called 分開以後 which means Detachment.

At around 6.10pm, a short video clip was played introducing the members of TVXQ, UKnow and Max. Anticipating for their appearances, we were shocked by a loud boom and there they were on aerial wires above the main stage with cool laser effects costumes. After a quick costume change to fully white suit that are embellished with Swarovski crystals that are super shiny, first number wasRising Sun. They each hopped on a mobile stage that moved them to the centre stage. What was cool about the stages were the fact there were many platforms that elevates them from the actual height so that fans on upper tiers can see them in a closer view. 

They then breaked into dance routines to the intro of Why and moved on singing their next number, Hey.

A continuation of the earlier short video clip was played and UKnow appeared dancing solo before singing 'O' with his fellow member, Max aka ChangMin.
Mid way of the song, there were really awesome props of ancient Roman and extra back up dancers that are dressed up as gladiators. 

After such intense opening numbers, they finally stopped to talk to their avid fans. The best part was they took out their outer jackets wearing only a nude shiny tank top. Basically in general, they both thanked their Malaysian fans for waiting for 6 agonizing years to finally get to see them live again. They also greeted the fans in Bahasa Malaysia, saying 'Apa Khabar?' which means 'How Are You?' ChangMin also commented on the weather of our country stating that it's very hot so thanks for waiting. 
Next number was Like A Soap, back up dancers were dressed as cute animal mascots like bees, butterflies and etc. Stage was also decorated with inflatable flowers and such. 

They then slowed it down with a ballad titled How Are You and further increased the momentum with Journey hoping onto cute aerial planes. UKnow was having some technical problems with his plane and decided to jump off it from a certain height on to the stage. You can bet his fans were pretty worried at that moment. 

A video clip showing sweet moments between Max and Lee Yeon Hee, the main actor & actress in the series Paradise Ranch was played and fans were super excited. Max then showed up with a casual costume change wearing a striped shirt with sweater singing Confessions.

Max on the other hand wore a sequined black jacket and jeans. He sang his infamous Honey Funny Bunny and gave the fans what they wanted when he stripped and dance provocatively in midst of the song.

Both then changed into a fully white suit with a spark of color on the outer coat and portray themselves as samurais in their next number, Wrong Number.

Then, they sang the korean version of I Don't Know. Video of the song Humanoids was played while they underwent a costume change with max in yellow jacket while uknow in blue jacket. They moved on singing Purple Line and the stadium was lit up with purple light sticks instead of the usual red one.

Before You Go video of Suli from f(x) and UKnow was played and midway during the video, TVXQ appeared on stage wearing what they wore in the video.

Next, was the song Destiny was sung followed by a medley songs of their old ballads compiling from Memories, I Never Let Go, Always There, As Always.

The cutest moment of the concert was when a video showing how a little girl was absolutely smitten with TVXQ and dreamt of marrying them was played. They showed up on stage with another costume change to fully white with studs on their jackets singing I Wanna Hold You.
TVXQ continued their enthusiasms by singing Here I Stand and the catchy Dream. Their video of TVXQ  making your dreams was played and they then sang their hit song Catch Me which is also the name of their tour. Crowd was entertained with their LED costumes and awesome dance moves. 

Wearing full black, they then sang B.U.T and Why.
Playing a touching video montage of their fans, they movingly sang Unforgettable while fans were holding banners that state We'll always be there for you.
Encore was very much fun with them singing Mirotic, Summer Days, Summer Dream, Sky and I'll Be There.

They ended their high energy concert with I Swear and left their fans amused and entertained.

JPM Music did fantastic handling as an organizer for their fist ever K-Pop Concert and kudos to them for doing a job well done. K-Pop fans are anxiously awaiting more concerts organised by JPM Music.

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