Jo In-Sung Interview & Fan Meeting In Malaysia

Jo In-Sung sat down for an interview at the Hilton Hotel to promote the drama "That Winter, The Wind Blows" in Malaysia ONE HD (Astro B.yond HD Ch 393). That actor is as tall as seen on tv and very dashing. The interview session went smoothly with many interesting questions asked. The actor was playful answering the questions but still charming.

You came back to the small screen after 8 years, what made you choose That Winter, The Wind Blows as a comeback drama, what draws you to the script?
Jo In Sung : There was no specific reason why I took the drama. Well, it was a well written script and there were such great people that I could work with. There’s no reason why I should’ve reject this drama.

 Can you tell us what are your preparations for the character Oh Soo are?
Jo In Sung : Well, I got ready to swindler. We had a lot of meetings with director and script writers to plan how to take this character further throughout this drama. A lot of small and big meetings about characters. Oh Soo was a person that was between the truths and false and it was very exciting.
How is the acting experience with Song Hye-Kyo is, is she easy to work with?
Jo In Sung : It’s fantastic.

In the drama, you wore various types of long coats, which type is your favorite?
Jo In Sung : Thanks to my parents giving me this height in this life, any type of long coast is my style and I personally love to wear long coats as well

Are there any similarities between you in real life and the character you played in the drama?
Jo In Sung : Well I think I’m pretty similar to the character Oh Soo because I was showing the real me through this character in this drama so yes, I do see some similarities in the character Oh Soo.

You seem quite playful but you acted in several melancholy dramas, are you planning to take on a romantic comedy?
Jo In Sung : I wouldn’t choose romantic comedy because it is “romantic comedy”. I want to look at the role first if I can show myself through this role that is more important for me when it comes to choosing the project. I wouldn’t go with romantic comedy just to look funny and stuff.

Do you consider yourself as a romantic guy?
Jo In Sung : As you can see, I am a romantic guy.

With whom would you like to act with in the near future?
Jo In Sung : My basic desire is to work with good actors and it has always been like that. My next project will be the big screen, movie. I was very honoured and happy to be involved in the drama alongside with Song Hye-Kyo and it was a great time.

 There’s a scene where you read and write Braille. How was it to learn and read Braille?
Jo In Sung : I cannot read it and its very difficult.

What do you think about the “cotton candy” scene in the drama?
Jo In Sung : When I was shooting it, I feel quite embarrassed and didn’t expected the scene to came out beautifully and it was fortunate.
Which is your most memorable scene from the drama and which scene is the most difficult to portray?
Jo In Sung : The most memorable scene from the drama was when Oh Soo healed by Oh Young in the mansion. The most difficult scene was when I drag Oh Young on the hill and I drove her there.

What kind of research have you done to take the role?
Jo In Sung : There was not much research done to take this role but there were a lot of discussions and meetings with the first creator of the Japanese original drama and the scriptwriter.

Out of the four seasons, is winter your favorite season?
Jo In Sung : I like summer, and I like spending winter with warm hearts.

This drama was a great success, did you anticipate this when you took on the role?
Jo In Sung : I’m not a fortune teller so I didn’t expect it to be this big. I had a good feeling about this drama. With such wonderful script and story, I had a feeling I can really be hardworking and maybe in a way expect people to love this drama too.

Later, you will have a public meeting with the fans, what do you expect to see?
Jo In Sung : I really don’t know how many people out there know who I am so maybe I hope to see at least 30 people out there.

Is this your first time in Malaysia?
Jo In Sung : This the very first official visit but I’ve visited Malaysia before for a commercial shooting for 2 day and 1 night.

Running man did a parody of That Winter, The Wind Blows. Will you join Running man if you have a chance?
Jo In Sung : I don’t think I will be physically ready to run because I have to run left and right. Short breath and Kwang Soo did an outstanding job.

How do you find Malaysia?
Jo In Sung : I’ll be given a chance to explore Malaysia after this interview is done and I’m very excited. Maybe after that I can really tell you how I feel about Malaysia but from the hotel room, I can feel the hot sunshine. It’s scientifically proven that if you get good sunlight, that you are very optimistic and healthy. I wish I could play catch ball.

Have you tried any Malaysia food?
Jo In Sung : No actually but I’ll try durian.

What are your targets and dreams in your acting career?
Jo In Sung : I don’t have a big desire. I’m already lucky and happy enough being in this position here. I just want to be sincerely participating in upcoming projects. I heard this from someone, "If you don't worry about your future too much, you can focus more on the present".

What advice would you give if someone wants to be be an actor similar to you?Jo In Sung : Am I already that big? I'm just very tall. (laughs) There's no size for actors. Size doesn't matter as long as you're sincere what you're doing. Keep it up and continue what are you doing.

Is there any type of character you would want to challenge in the future?
Jo In Sung : I don't really choose the character first,

In the drama, there's a various types of OST, which is your favorite?
Jo In Sung : Winter Love (겨울사랑) by The One

Later, a huge crowd flooded (5,000 people) Paradigm Mall to catch a glimpse of Jo In Sung on 21 May 2013 at 7.30pm. Natalie ( was the MC and everyone cheered when the actor came out. There was an mini Q and A session and 3 lucky fans was selected to reenact the "Cotton Candy" scene from the drama and the winner gets to take a photo with Jo In Sung. He then thanked everyone who came out today and he tried making eye-contact with everyone. The event ended and everyone had a smile on their face. Before he leave the stage, he sign the poster and thanked the fans one more time.
Huge thanks to Astro - ONE for giving us an opportunity to cover this event.

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