A Precious Night With UKISS at Showcase & Fanparty in Jakarta‏

After a long awaited, Indonesian Kissme finally could see their idols

in Jakarta. UKISS Showcase & Fanparty was held in Britama, Sportsmall
Kelapa Gading on April 27th, 2013. UKISS supposed to come to Jakarta
last February, but due to flood disasters they postponed the showcase
until April 27th.

Kevin and Soohyun visited Jakarta last February 1st for the press
conference and charity event with flood victims. And this time they
came to Jakarta with 6 members only. Hoon couldn't join the members to
Jakarta because he had a musical schedule in Korea.

The showcase started at 19.20. Fans were screaming loudly when UKISS
opened the showcase with 'Without You'. In introduction time Kevin
said, "I'm so happy to be here again!" and Soohyun also said the same
They were asking about how if they join We Got Married, who would be
their partner. Eli wants to do We Got Married with Miss A's Suzy,
because she's very cute and sexy at the same time. Kisseop wants to do
WGM with Goo Hee Sun, because she's cute and small just like Kiss Me.

In the games session, UKISS asked six lucky fans whose born in April
to join them in the stage. They were playing a couple game using
chopstick to catch a marble from their partner's chopstick. Soohyun
won the game then he hugged his partner tightly. For the second games,
they were playing a cooking game. They made 'gado-gado' (one of
traditional food from Jakarta) and after that they feed those six
lucky fans. In the end they hugged them all.

MC asked UKISS about their girls type and Soohyun answered, "I like a
girl who looks pretty when she smile. Indonesian girls has pretty
smile!" and Kevin also gave his answer, "I like a cute and aegyo
girl." AJ likes a sexy girl, Eli answered the question in sundanese.
He likes 'geulis' girl means pretty. Dongho likes honest girl and
Kisseop likes a girl who has a pretty smile and a girl who loves to
get hug from him.

In the third games, they also asked some fanboys to join them to
stage. They were playing puzzle games, it was UKISS vs fans. And fans
won the game, so they could get whatever fanservices from UKISS such
as back hug, photo together and so on.

After the games session, MC called some fans whose made their auctions
in highest bid for Kevin and Soohyun's personal shirts and also UKISS
cds. They also gave the donations symbolic to orphanages.

Fans were screaming when uBeat performed 'Should've Treated You
Better' for the first time in Jakarta. uBeat also greeted fans, they
said, "How are you? We're uBeat. After their performance, Kevin and
Seohyun sang 'Remember', a sad ballad song. Followed by Kisseop and AJ
performance 'Obsession'.

After those performances, UKISS went back to the stage and performed
'Someday' then Man Man Hani. For encore, UKISS sang 'Lifetime' and
their performance, the showcase and fanparty ended at 21:00.

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