Press Conference U-Kiss 'Collage' Concert Tour Singapore!

Ukiss went into the room and the press conference began. Ukiss start the press conference by saying “Hi, we are Ukiss” (in Korean). They turn to 3 sides to pose to the cameras.
They began by introducing themselves. When it comes to Kiseop, he keeps fumbling his intro in Chinese and even in Japanese.

Ukiss say that they miss KISSMEs the most! They are also very excited for tonight!

Host: What can we looked forward for tonight?
Kevin: More interaction with the fans
AJ: Performing new songs from their album.
Host talks about the new subgroup UBEAT.
Eli: It is a group with AJ and me featuring Kevin. It will be release in 2 day time.
Audience ask Dongho about his new movie title “Don’t cry mummy”.
Dongho: I was initially apprehensive about acting as a villain in his movie, but didn't I do really well?
Q: If you have a chance to act, what kind of character will you do?
Hoon:”Love romance.”
Eli: “Comedy. If as a superhero I want to be superman.”
Kevin: “Romance comedy.”
AJ: "Definitely I would not want to be a killer in a movie. I want to act in a funny movie like ‘Hangover’. Something comedy."
Kiseop: “Romance comedy”
Soohyun: “A love story where I meet my love while fishing”.
Eli: “Oh. He often goes fishing nowadays in Korea”.
An audience did a personality test on the members.
Q: If they were to take a picture where will they stand (a) Center (b) Side (c) at the back (d) anywhere
Hoon: d
Dongho: b
Eli: a
Kevin: a
AJ: c
Kiseop: b
Soohyun: a

If a means the person wants attention and performs very well.
If b means the person is easy going and have a lot of friends.
If c means the person is stubborn.
If d means the person have high EQ and IQ and care for other people.

Soohyun is always happy because they U-KISS dongsaengs always listen to his words well.
Soohyun sees Dongho as a little baby, but sometimes he's so mature it's surprising

Q: What do kiseop think of the new group SKAFT and the girl name Tasha?
Kiseop: “She's learnt the dances really fast, and could even be a member of U-KISS.
Q: Kiseop if he liked Tasha?
Kiseop: “She was really pretty” U-KISS' cheering.
Q: what do they want to do apart from singing and acting?
AJ: “Try CC (Campus Couple)”
Kevin: “I love kids. I want to be a father or a teacher. Anything with kids.”
Eli: “Backpacking around Asia. I would love to come back to Singapore for a vacation”.
Dongho: “Radio DJ”
Hyun: “make a lot of money and built a sport centre”

For the whole of press conference, Eli, AJ and Kevin did a good job in helping to translate them to the other members.
Ukiss are being so nice and it was fun talking to them.

End of Press conference