Spending Time with U-Kiss 'Collage' Concert Tour Singapore!

The host began the concert with some quiz and some prizes to be won.

There is an intro video before Ukiss went on stage.

1st song: Stop Girl!
2nd song: Believe
3rd song: Bingeul Binguel.

Ukiss began with their greeting and introducing themselves. All of them introduce themselves in English.

AJ: "It's been a while and we actually have so many songs. Our power is your voice. When I say scream, scream for 5 secs!!"
Eli: “Ukiss miss Singapore so much and the weather in SG is hot or KissMes are hot!
All the fans scream in their excitement.
4th song: Standing Still
Kevin: Have all of you seen our stages in Korea? We have our own unit songs on the new album.
AJ & Eli did a bit of Party all the time!
Eli: "This is a UKISS concert not a AJ Eli concert!!"
Hoon and Soohyun and Kevin sing an acapella snippet for their solo songs.

5th song: 0330
6th song: Someday
7th song: Neverland
The boys went backstage and they show another video on the screen.
Ukiss are back on stage and they have changed their outfit to a black colour top with colourful bottom.
8th song: Tick Tack

They decide to do a scream test to the fans. They divide us into 3 sections. Which section has the loudest scream and 1 lucky fan from that section will get to be on stage. Soohyun choose 1 lucky fan on stage.

Kevin: Who is your favourite bias?
Lucky fan: Dongho.
Kevin: do you have any request from Dongho?
Lucky fan: I want to take a picture with him.
She went and took her camera and she decides to take a picture with the whole group. She gets to hug each and every one of them and a towel with each member sweat. How lucky can she be?

9th song: Forbidden Love
AJ wants UKiss to do a special event of Gwiyomi. Each member has to do Gwiyomi. All of them did a cute one and hoon did a muscle Gwiyomi and lastly show his abs.
Kevin, Eli and AJ did a snippet of their new song title “"I should've treated you better when you were here".
10th song: Doradora
11th song: without you

Ukiss are all so playful that they keep splashing water on themselves and to the fans.

Last Song: Manmanhani
There is a last video which was made by the fans specially for Ukiss. Ukiss member feel touch from the video.

Eli: “Thanks for coming out tonight and we wished we could have performed more song”
Kevin: “We really really love you guys!!!”
Lastly, Ukiss promise that they will come back to Singapore soon.

It was a great experience and a great time. Ukiss did a good job.

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