Press Conference ERU Live in Concert, Ailee, Bae Chigi, Shorry J (Mighty Mouth), Sule, Atiqah Hasiholan in Jakarta

Venue: The Ritz Carlton Jakarta
Sign in time: 1.00 pm (1 hour delay)

Eru is scheduled to perform at 'Eru Live In Concert' at Lapangan D Senayan along with fellow K-POP artists Ailee, Bae Chigi, Shorry J (Mighty Mouth) and special appearances by Indonesian artists who have collaborated with Eru himself which include comedian Sule and actress Atiqah Hasiholan. A day before the concert, the press conference was held at The Ritz Carlton Jakarta. There was a one hour delay due to media partners that arrived late.

Q&A session was opened right after the artists walked into the venue. Our question was directed to Ailee, "How does it feel like performing in a country for the first time, not only with other Korean artists, but also with famous Indonesian artists?". Ailee said that she was very honored to be on one stage with great artists.

When asked about what each of them think about Indonesia, all of them said the food is really delicious. especially Nasi Goreng (fried rice). "The people here are very generous" added Ailee. On the other hand, when asked about the concert that will be held tomorrow, Eru kept saying that he couldn't reveal the plans, as he wanted it to be a surprise. He did, though, say that the concert will be divided into two parts; One where he sings all his songs, and two where he covers songs by other artists. "For example, I'll sing a big bang song and follow their style" said Eru.

Eru has also just released his first Indonesian album, consisting of many of his ost songs, you can get it now at your local music stores.

Here are some pictures exclusively brought to you by us : (More of it will be posted on our FB page)

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