Eru Concert in Jakarta. Featuring Ailee, Bae chi gi, Shorry J, Sule, Atiqah

Venue: Lapangan D Senayan
Time: 7.30 pm

Just as he said at the press conference the other day, the performance was divided into two parts. Part one was where he'd sing all of his songs (mostly ballad), and the second part was where he'd cover famous K-POP songs. The show was opened by '미워요' and closed by the famous 'Insomnia'. Ailee then took over the stage in a gorgeous hot pink top and skirt with 'Heaven' and closed her performance with 'Shower of Tears' which was also Baechigi's opening song at the concert. After Baechigi, Eru was back on stage along with Shorry J, singing 3 songs, and the first part was closed by special guest, Sule's appearance.

The second part of the concert was opened with 'Fantastic Baby', which got the whole venue pumped. Eru also made fans jealous with his 'Trouble Maker' performance, featuring one of his back up dancers as Hyuna. Below is the full song list of the show:

Part 1:

1. 미워요 - Eru

2. Just the Two of Us - Eru

3. Mannequin - Eru

4. White Tears - Eru

5. White Snow - Eru

6. Don't Hurt - Eru

7. Insomnia - Eru

8. Heaven - Ailee

9. 보여줄께 - Ailee

10. 눈물샤워 - Ailee ft. Baechigi

11. Two Words - Baechigi

12. Drive - Eru ft. Shorry J

13. Talk Talk - Eru ft. Shorry J

14. Bad Boy - Eru ft. Shorry J

15. 사랑해요 - Eru ft. Sule

16. Mimin I Love You - Sule

Part 2:

Fantastic Baby - Big Bang (Eru Cover)

Lonely - 2NE1 (Eru Cover)

Love Song - Rain (Eru Cover)

Trouble Maker - Trouble Maker (Eru Cover)

Sorry Sorry - Super Junior (Eru Cover)

Kemesraan - Iwan Fals (Eru Cover)

Black Glasses - Eru

I Am the Best - 2NE1 (Eru Cover)

Hands Up - 2PM (Eru Cover)

Gangnam Style - Psy (Eru Cover)

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