[ROADSHOW] TVXQ! ‘Catch Me’ Live World Tour

TVXQ! ‘Catch Me’ Live World Tour, JPM Music and joint presenter Magnum hosted a TVXQ! road show today. To pump the crowd, the MC gave out TVXQ posters. It then continued with the talent competition, winner gets a pair of press conference passes to the TVXQ! ‘Catch Me’ Live World tour. A step closer to their favourite duo. The first contestants, wearing red in colour sang Balloons which showcase a lively performance. The second contestants, also in red dance and sang to Catch Me. A very powerful performance and channelling the TVXQ charismatic personality. The third contestant played a guitar while singing along to Maximum. Loud cheers from the enthusiastic crowd. The fourth contestant dance to a medley of TVXQ songs, a smooth dance solo indeed. The fifth contestant, a 23-year old fan boy danced to Mirotic and interacted with the crowd. The last contestant, danced to Humanoid with her amazing energy.

The first contestants singing Balloons! 

Second contestants dancing to Catch Me! 

 Third contestants singing to Maximum
 Fourth contestant dancing to medley of TVXQ songs
 Fifth contestant making the crowd go wild while dancing to Mirotic!
Sixth contestant chatting with the MC

The 2nd runner – Fifth contestant (Jimmy)
The runner up– Last contestant (Nikki)
The Winner – Second contestants (Mandy Leong & Leong Rui En)

We manged to interview the winners (Mandy Leong & Leong Rui En) of the talent competition that won the press conference passes.

If you get to meet them, what will you say to them?
M : We will support what they do. As a singer, I think they will need our support from fans.

How will you picture yourself during the concert?
R : Scream, dance and shout.

What’s your favourite TVXQ song that you want to see them perform?
R : Rising Sun
M : Honey Funny Bunny

Which member do you want to see on stage winking at you?
R : Yunho
M : Both of them!

The road show continued with Q&A and a lucky draw! In brief, Cassiopeia enjoyed themselves and an applause to JPM music for a job well done.

Q&A with JPM Music representative.

1. JPM is relatively new to Malaysian fans. Would you mind telling us more about your company?
JPM Music is part of the JPM Group and is an event management company driven by a dynamic team of professionals who have a passion for great music and bringing together memorable events. JPM Music specializes in bringing K-Pop talent to Malaysian fans for spectacular live performances. Whilst new to the scene, we are making a bold statement by inviting K-Pop legend TVXQ! to Malaysia to ‘wow’ their devoted fans.

2. Many had thought that TVXQ! gradually lost their market in Malaysia. Why is JPM still willing to invite them for a concert?
It’s easy to assume that the artists and music people enjoyed when they were young will no longer interest them many years on. However in actual fact, that’s not the case. Ask anyone who was a fan of a boy-band or girl-band as teenager if they would be excited to see their favourite group return for a live performance and the answer would undoubtedly be YES.  Acts like TVXQ! are classics that remain loved through generations. Their fans remain fans for life and in the process of rejuvenating their career they also gain new fans. TVXQ! have made a come back and now are bigger and better than ever.

3. What do you think JPM’s advantage or strong point is compared to other organisers?
Our experience in handling grand-scale events definitely gives us a ‘leg up’ on other organisers. In bringing together big events such as the Super GT which also involve a musical performance element in event organisation, it’s essential that you have a strong and supportive team to be successful.

4. Is this the JPM’s first time working with Korean companies? Can you share your thoughts about working with SM Entertainment?
This is our first time working with Korean companies to bring Korean talent to Malaysia. It has certainly been a positive experience and its inspiring to see how professional they are and committed to their projects.

5. Other than K-Pop, will JPM bring other foreign artists to Malaysia? Why?
Not for the moment but we shall see what the future holds. If anything, we would most likely bring in European artists as part of our JPM Group events.

6. Can JPM reveal to us what your upcoming plans are?
In the next few months, we will once again be bringing back the Super GT  and we also hope to present Malaysian fans with a few more K-Pop acts live in concert this year and next year.

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